All I want for Christmas is a passport

Traveling with our son is pretty complicated. We have to write social stories, pack all of his food for his autism diet, and troubleshoot as much as we can with the condo we’re renting, to make sure that there will be no obvious problems for our son’s sensory issues.

We have gotten very used to doing lots of homework, preparation and mental jujitsu to manage our son’s anxiety when we leave our house. Each and every time is a challenge.

But, oh, so worth it.

Whenever our son has a new experience, he adds it to his creative world. And we are enriched from it. He speaks rarely, but when he does, it revolves around where we’ve been and where he wants to go.

When he was asked what he wanted for Christmas he answered with serious focus, “I want a passport.” Why? “So, I can go to faraway places.”

Oh, my wish is for the world to get flexible enough to handle our son’s autism and allow him to experience all that he wants in this world.

Santa did grant our son’s wish. Santa brought Jackson a passport application in his stocking. Now, we just have to figure out how to get him on an international flight.

1 thought on “All I want for Christmas is a passport

  1. Love you post and agree with you absolutely!
    My boy is only 6 but he has travelled with me far and wide within Australia. It is most definitely a challenge but the benefits are incredible. He always takes big steps forward when we break away from our home routines and explore the world outside our regular experiences and spend time with our friends and family who we don’t get to see.
    I’ve been considering international travel for a while now. Not quite ready for it but the places I am thinking about going to include – Fiji, New Zealand & Vietnam. Happy travels!

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