Vancouver here we come!

Well, as you can tell dear reader, this blog is oft ignored by me. But that’s about to change! I started the blog, Travels with Autism when my son was in elementary school. He is now almost done with his senior year.

It would be impossible to summarize how much easier it is to travel with him now than it was when I started the blog. However, there will always be parts of his environment that I need to adapt for his neurology to stay calm. In travel, that can be hard to do. Thus, the need for the blog.

Into that, my son has picked what he would like for a graduation present and he has decided he would like to return to Vancouver! And Squamish, British Columbia!

So…comment with your favorite recommendations on where we should go in Vancouver for a person that loves the Olympics and loves all things Japanese.

He had the chance to go to Japan this summer with his teacher and a student group but was worried about the flight length. He said “that sounds too nervewracking,” when the length of the flight was described to him. And if there’s one true rule of travel, it’s know your limits and your interests and pursue the latter while adjusting or planning around the former.

So…Canada, here we come!

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